Thursday, December 2, 2010

More to Architecture and Design than meets the eye...

Kiel Famellos-Schmidt, the Muralistic’s latest guest speaker, came to Edison High to speak about his profession and how it relates to revitalization. He explained to us what architecture is and how it works. He went through the process that he goes through before an actual building is built. One of the steps in his process caught my attention. Before his visitation at Edison High I assumed things about architecture and didn’t really think much about the process. He went into detail about how he works with geographers and communities to make sure that the building is built to survive the conditions it is around, and for it to benefit the community around it. Another thing Kiel talked about was a mobile work station, which is a small shed like station that people with special skills such as skills used in construction could go to, to find work and have shelter instead of standing in parking lots when it is raining or standing in the blistering sun. These stations are made for communities and benefit communities by providing work for those who are unemployed and basically making an office for people to go to if they are in need of people skilled in certain areas. After Kiel’s presentation I felt more positive about me wanting to become an architect. I think we all learned a great deal from his presentation. Erik

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  1. Kiel is great. His support for revitalization and the improvement of Fresno's built-environment continues to improve the quality of life for Fresno residents and shape the future of Fresno.

    btw, keep up the good work. As a resident of Downtown Fresno I can tell the Muralistics that I appreciate your efforts.